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You must speak English. We do too. We are English in Mind Institute (EIM) — a non-profit, adult English program in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and we love our school. Although started by an NGO (International Disaster Volunteers) in the aftermath of the earthquake, we are now a Haitian led, Haitian taught, and Haitian administered operation. We offer biweekly classes to 230 students and follow a Cambridge University English syllabus complete with internationally recognized exams. Along with our lower levels, we are one of the only institutes in Haiti to offer two advanced levels and we also sponsor our graduates to take the TOEFL exam.

Why English?

The demand for English in Haiti, especially in our capital of Port-au-Prince, is overwhelming. Nearly every day, a new student comes to EIM and asks to be added to our ever-growing waiting list. Why? Knowing English greatly improves our chances of finding long-term, meaningful employment. Which is important everywhere, but especially here.

More than two thirds of Haitians lack formal employment, and more than 50% of our population lives on around $4 a day. Without employment, those living in poverty have little chance to better themselves. Yet, not only are there jobs available in Haiti, there is actually a shortage of skilled labor. English speakers can find work in hotels, restaurants, offices, and attain university scholarships. With the help of EIM, our students are becoming qualified for these positions.

Interested in becoming a student? We accept new students every September and the registration process begins in early June. For inquires, contact our principal, Brunel Zamor: brunel@englishinmind.org or +509.3750.0946. Please note all students must be 18 or older.

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“The students think of EIM as a family more than a school. We all help each other.”
- Brunel Zamor Principal, English in Mind Institute
"In all of my teaching experiences, I've never met students as excited and motivated to learn as the ones at EIM."
- Natalie Gilbert, Operation Groundswell
"The enthusiasm of the teachers and students at EIM is almost palpable and makes you realize just how important the school is to them."
- Andy Chaggar, International Disaster Volunteers


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