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EIM is the perfect place to find English speaking Haitian professionals in Port-au-Prince. Our students and graduates come from a variety of backgrounds and have experience in everything from teaching and translating, to accounting, engineering, agriculture, law… you name it. Whether you’re an individual, business, NGO or tour group, let EIM custom match you with a responsible student that best meets your needs.

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Interested in becoming a student? 

Welcome. We accept new students every September and the registration process begins in early June. There is a non-refundable $5 registration fee to apply, and if accepted, tuition is $25 USD per year. Please note all students must be 18 or older. For inquires, contact our principal, Brunel Zamor: brunel@englishinmind.org or +509.3750.0946.


Enterese pou vinn etidyan?

Byenvini. Nou aksepte nouvo etidyan chak mwa septanm ak yon pwosesis ki kòmanse nan kòmansman mwa jen . Gen yon frè denskripsyon wap bay ki pa ranbousab  ki se $ 5, epi si lekol la aksepte w, lajan pou peye lekòl la se $ 25 USD pou chak ane. Tanpri sonje tout etidyan dwe gen 18 oswa plis. Pou plis enfómasyon , kontakte direktè lekòl la, Brunel Zamor : brunel@englishinmind.org oswa +509.3750.0946


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