Our devoted teachers and staff make it all possible


Brunel Zamor is the founder and principal of EIM. After learning English through school and self-study, he and a few friends started holding informal classes to people in his community. Once he teamed up with International Disaster Volunteers in 2011, English in Mind Institute was born. In December 2011, IDV left Haiti and Brunel remains as our principal and head of what many refer to, not as an institute, but a family.


Steph Price is the International Director of EIM. She started as a teacher back in 2011 and helped oversee EIM’s transition to Haitian leadership. Today, Steph handles everything to do with connecting our school to the international community. This includes fundraising, communications, volunteer trips and professional development. Informally, our students call her “Mom.”


Assistant Principal Jean Louis Pierre Enock (or Nocky as we call him), is a bright, hard-working leader in our EIM community. Despite having never learned English before EIM, Nocky caught on quickly and moved up the ranks. His dedication and leadership at school caught our attention and he was trained as a teacher back in 2013. In early 2015 Nocky received a much deserved promotion to Assistant Principal.


Richardson Jean is an EIM student whose hard work and love of English propelled him quickly through our ranks and he graduated in 2014. In 2011, we asked Richardson to join the ranks as a teacher in training at the Elementary level and he’s had his own class ever since. Richardson is also studying accounting and is an avid reader and self-admitted English nerd, whose passion for learning and teaching is contagious.


Elza Jean Charles really proved herself as last year's teacher-in-training and this year, she has her very own Beginner's class! During her time at EIM, Elza has proven herself to be a loyal and dedicated member of our school and a role model for her fellow female students. We're so excited to have her as part of the team.


Julien Wilckens teaches our Beginner class and has transformed dozens of shy, new students into confident English speakers. These transformations occur through Wilckens’ hard work in the classroom and the hours of extra, unpaid tutoring he provides his students. As our oldest teacher, Wilckens has become a role model to many. Outside of class, he’s also a skilled tailor.


Omega Rigaud is one of Brunel’s first teachers back when classes were being held inside an old church. At EIM, he holds down our Elementary class. A lover of idioms, Omega is not just a great teacher he’s also a great writer and uses his creativity to help him in the classroom. Outside of school, he keeps his English fresh by working with the American pastors at his church.


Between French, Kreyol, English, Spanish and Portugese, Alex Belton is a master of languages. Alex has years of experience in teaching and tutoring and we’re lucky to have finally convinced him to join our staff! An EIM graduate, Alex heads up our Advanced 1 class. Beyond being a linguist, he’s also one of the sweetest people ever.


After a few years away, we're happy to have Sadrack Jean Baptiste back as our Advanced 2 teacher. He has an impressive roster of experiences working in both the business and non-profit sector in Haiti. His professionalism and great accent, make him a valued member of our staff.


We are so thrilled to have Stephanie Thermidor be this year's teacher-in-training! Partnered with Elza, Stephanie will be teaching a womens only class for Beginners in the hope that creating a sisterhood will help retain more female students. Stephanie is a true leader and we're so happy to have her.


Marvens Joseph is unlike any other. We first met this self-taught linguist in the fall of 2014, where he placed into our highest level - Advanced 2. Now as a graduate, we couldn't let Marvens go. Already a teacher by profession, Marvens will be working with several teachers this year to find the right class for him in 2016.


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